Since arriving in London in 1991, I have been doing music, and other things that involve music.

During my first decade in the city, I worked with Timothy Turnbull (Machine Intelligence band and live poetry performances) and Malcolm Poynter (the H.P.R.C. video project etc).

As the twentieth century was drawing to a close, I was back in a 4-piece band format playing with Phil Dirtbox in Crabladder/Rooosterfish.

At the dawn of the new century, I teamed up with Charles of London and Today is Boring for electro-punk extravaganza Gob$au$age and Ten Minutes With My Dad. Then moving on to the Balkans to get involved in experimental theatre/dance performances by Dragan Živadinov (NSK) and Studio Lila, amongst others. 

In 2013 I self released Śūnya; a collaboration album with many artists from around the world who I worked with over the past 10 years or so.


Between 2014-2017, I was involved in more artier side of things again. Notable shows in this period include;

Frans Zwartjes soundtrack re-interpretations, Eye Cinema Museum Amsterdam, Cinematek Brussels, Re:Voir Paris, Whitechapel Art Gallery London.

“Nidderdale” film soundtrack with Qawwali musicians of Bradford UK.


Also, it was around this time Ays Kura, leader of London based metal band Die Kur.

We started to play duo performances with him on theremin and synths, and myself on electric violin.

Before long, he asked me to ‘join’ his main group, Die Kur, which I was more than happy to accept, albeit as a ‘non-permanent member’ basis.

I am still playing with Die Kur in some of their shows, please check their Facebook Page for gig info and if I am taking part in the show.


2018 saw the formation of Call Cat with Hannah Marsden.

An ambitious 6 piece group which, sadly proved to be short lived.

Please visit the Archive page from the link above to hear/see what it was like-!


After the demise of Call Cat, I again spent 2019 largely with art projects, including;

Aleksandra Karpowicz’s “Body as Home” installation live performance, Giudecca Art District, Venezia.

Kaunas 2022 build up performance (an improv dance piece with Tadas Almantas), Kaunas, Lithuania.


During the Coronavirus lockdown years of 2020-2021, I started writing new pieces & reworking on unreleased older pieces to prepare for the start of my new phase of activities.

With the Corona situation receding in 2022, I’ve decided to start the new phase in Spring 2022.

First release for which will be coming on the 23rd March 2022.


to be continued…….

Takatsuna Mukai, March 2022