Since arriving in London in 1991, I have been doing music, and other things that involve music.

During my first decade in the city, I worked with Timothy Turnbull (Machine Intelligence band and live poetry performances) and Malcolm Poynter (the H.P.R.C. video project etc).

As the twentieth century was drawing to a close, I was back in a 4-piece band format playing with Phil Dirtbox in Crabladder/Rooosterfish.

At the dawn of the new century, I teamed up with Charles of London and Today is Boring for electro-punk extravaganza Gob$au$age and Ten Minutes With My Dad. Then moving on to the Balkans to get involved in experimental theatre/dance performances by Dragan Živadinov (NSK) and Studio Lila, amongst others. 

In 2013 I self released Śūnya; a collaboration album with many artists from around the world who I worked with over the past 10 years or so.

I play electric guitar, electric violin, synth and programming, bass guitar, or nothing at all.

Takatsuna Mukai