-KRAM is a dance piece that also incorporates Lina Ikse’s photography and my synth/violin music.

The video below is from the final open rehearsal of KRAM in London 2011. It was going to be used to promote the piece for festival entries etc. However I was struck by some kind of mystery illness (nothing severe but annoyingly just about bad enough to do things) later that year and was unable to work on the project (or on anything else) for a period of time. Because of this, I felt that the momentum was somewhat lost for the project, at least for the time being.

So that KRAM at the moment is in hiatus, waiting for the right moment to come round again to be resurrected…..


Takatsuna Mukai – Direction, Video, Composition, Violin

Lina Ikse – Photography

Ksenija Kovač – Choreography / Dance

Grégoire A. Meyer – Choreography / Dance

Elsa Petit – Choreography / Dance

Anya Kamarek – Costume Design

Andres Velasquez / Gavin Brabant – Lighting Design

Natasha Xavier – Stills

Bronwen Parker Rhodes – Documentary

SDNA – Projection

Today is Boring – Production Assistant