My collaboration song with Lily Marlene of Atomic Suplex and Motovamp, “The Only One for You is Me” is out now on all streaming platforms.

The Bandcamp release comes with hi-res 4-page cover art with extra pictures and lyrics.



‘Cosmos Failure’ Out Now on Bandcamp!




New Video for “Cosmos Failure” by Takatsuna Mukai and Barkosina Hanusova out now on YouTube!


Also on Spotify:


Barkosina Hanusova – Voice, Words

Takatsuna Mukai – Electric Violin, Keyboards, Programming

Produced by Takatsuna Mukai







Cosmos Failure’ by Takatsuna Mukai and Barkosina Hanusova
to be released online 04.05.2022-!
I will be releasing several new “old” tracks this year with ‘x.5’ release numbers.
These tracks are older tracks produced some time ago but never been officially released, and I’m putting the record straight now, better later than never -!
New video for the track will be published at the same time,
watch this space-!







“Good Enough” available on Takatsuna Mukai Bandcamp page::






Jen Dawson / Takatsuna Mukai “Good Enough” Out Now-!

Also available on all major streaming services.






OK so on the eve of my new release, I’ve finally created an archive page for CallCat, a legendarily short-lived best band in London -!

I must have been unconsciously traumatised by its demise to do this until now, or something lol

Anyway, here goes, enjoy-!




Jen Dawson / Takatsuna Mukai “Good Enough” will be released at midnight, 23 March.

Watch this space for updates..