Live Improv Score for Häxan August 22

As a part of London based artist Jason Atomic’s week long “Come to the Sabbat” Exhibition in August at Apiary Studios (London, UK),  we are playing live improvised soundtrack to the Scandinavian witchcraft classic Häxan (dir.Benjamin Christensen 1922)

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..and here is the band…

Takatsuna Mukai – Electric Violin

Karl Asaa (KSDS, Damo Suzuki Network) – Guitar/Electronics

Tree Carr (Ten Minutes With My Dad) – Prepared Guitar

Ana Roman aka Parachute Pulse (Lost Serenity) – Soundscapes

Adam Carr – Bass Guitar

Andrew Gray (In Camera,The Wolfgang Press,4AD Records) – Guitar/Rhythm Box/Filter/Delay

Stephen Gray – Synth

Oliver Griffin (knives,tracks,BxNT) – Drones

Sven Hassle (Gargant) – Bass

Jason Atomic – Malleus Maleficarum