-Aborted project 2005/6 with Nikki Howes (vox), Takatsuna Mukai (music)

-xxoo was a project started by myself with Nikki Howes(words,vox) in 2005, initially to produce a bunch of nice little tunes. However, my (over)ambition took over after a while to make it into some sort of theatrical performance (called The Cutthroats), which backfired terribly due to my incompetence and the project died. Which is a great shame because I still very much enjoy these little charming songs with rough-and-ready productions when I listen to them from time to time.


xxoo / The Cutthroats character image designs by Dirk Van Dijk 



The Daughters of the Canton Delta


Glass Teeth


I Could be Happy (Altered Images cover)


The Tower and the Hanged Man


The Ballad of Bruce La Bruce


I am the Starlight of Night